Implement new forms of collaboration

Implement new forms of collaboration - the time is now

It is time to look at new forms of collaboration and to implement these. And the time for this is right now. For 4 reasons: Read More…

Run a Corona Learning Workshop

Ultimately, the corona pandemic will flatten out and end in one way or another. A lot of new things happened during the crisis. Read More…

The corona crisis is a good learning field

The corona crisis is a good learning field

The current crisis is also a very impressive example of change processes and leadership. We would like to invite you to put many convictions that have been established over decades to the test.
To do so, we focus on three areas that strongly influence the way companies deal with change.
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Hypothesis check 1

We have now spoken with 15 companies (as of October 2019). Some of our hypotheses were confirmed; some we can reject.
Hypothesis 1: a fractal approach is one key to success Read More…

10 Key Skills Every Agile Leader Needs

1. Establish purpose
  • Our brain is a pattern detecting device. It needs answers to the “Why?”.
  • As an agile leader………..
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