Run a Corona Learning Workshop

Ultimately, the corona pandemic will flatten out and end in one way or another. A lot of new things happened during the crisis. People were working autonomously, employees performed above average. Many medium-sized companies have used their production capabilities to manufacture relief supplies, which also means moments of great meaning for employees.
The learning experiences usually consist of individual unique experiences and feelings. The company as a system has not yet learned anything.
For the company to really benefit as a system and as an entity from the phase of instability, it is absolutely necessary to initiate a conscious learning process. However, the learning outcome is not predetermined, but rather addresses the question: "what have we experienced recently that we should retain as a quality".

This is particularly important if employees of the company have had different experiences during the crisis. Some may have experienced independence, others may have realized that certain rituals and rules were completely obsolete, others may have experienced home office and another group may have had a different view on their own job and career in the complete standstill.
This is mainly about the positive experiences that were made.
Since the experiences are very different from one person to another, they can have a separating effect, because there is not automatically a common past in the company.
Therefore, we need a very special "lessons learned" intervention to preserve these positive experiences for the future and thus create a common history that can serve as a narrative.
In any case, run a post corona intervention.
On the one hand, this signals a transition to a new phase, and on the other hand it helps to carry the learning experiences into the future.
Psychologically, it is also a form of collective de-traumatisation for employees who have experienced the time as very stressful.
A workshop like this needs little preparation and can take place in all parts of a company.