Implement new forms of collaboration

Implement new forms of collaboration - the time is now

It is time to look at new forms of collaboration and to implement these. And the time for this is right now. For 4 reasons: 1. the corona pandemic, 2. the proof of feasibility, 3. the experience of the necessity of relationships, and 4. the growing complexity.

For one, yes, the Corona Pandemic. It creates the irritation that our brain needs to be alert to new things in the first place. Now you can talk about new things. This is a unique opportunity!

2. Secondly, we see that new forms are indeed possible. Home office, self-managed teams, real accountability, ..... suddenly everything was possible. Opportunity element no. 2!

3. people experience a deficiency that needs to get fixed: relationships. The work has become more effective, but what people lack most of all is/were the direct encounters with other people: relationship with other people is missing! From social neuro-science we have known for a long time that this is the most important nutrient for our brain. This is also an opportunity to rethink and implement collaboration.

4. increasing complexity. Complex systems behave unpredictably (Did you see Corona coming? 9/11? The financial crisis? - just to name a few of the big ones, not to mention family matters) and are therefore by definition not targetable, centrally controllable. We don't necessarily want to hear this because our brain strives for predictability ("control") to ensure survival - but that's the way it is. The best way to deal with complex systems is to react quickly. Making decisions as decentralized as possible. By not prohibiting behavior, but by strengthening the right approaches. (By the way, this is exactly how our brain does it. It had a few million years to develop this strategy). Opportunity Element 4.

So: the time is now. We would be thrilled to support you in using this opportunity.